Monday, September 29, 2008

Who is in for Tuesday

Between weather and schedules for Rosh Hashanah, who is riding tomorrow (Tuesday) am.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Steve demonstrates how to wear a WGAS kit:
Saturday Ride

And how not to wear a WGAS kit:
Knee Warmers or Spats?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Be a Good Lookout

From the RoadBikeRider newsletter:

It's an unwritten rule that the lead rider in a paceline or pack should warn others of dangers in the road. For those who are drafting, potholes and debris are hard to see. Riders shouldn't need to worry about being led into danger.

But some people overdo the warning. They yell "Pothole!" "Rock!" or "Dead skunk!" at full volume. Others point at the object with such an animated gesture that they swerve dangerously.

Here's a better way to be the eyes of a paceline:

---Alertly scan the road. You can't point out danger that you daydream out of existence. And if through inattention you spot something too late, your after-the-fact warning may do more harm than good. Riders could veer in a panic, touch wheels and crash. So pay attention and look far enough ahead to smoothly lead the line past each hazard.

---Point, don't shout. There's usually no need to call out the name of the obstacle. Your yell may not be understood by riders toward the back, anyway. Simply remove one hand from the bar and extend that arm down toward the side where the danger will be when you pass it. Do this about 10 seconds in advance, then move over smoothly. Some riders like to snap the fingers of their extended hand to wake up those immediately behind.

Tip! One time a yell is helpful is when nasty stuff like glass, gravel, sand or ice covers the lane, like in a corner, and there is no way around it. As soon as you realize the predicament, shout the name of the hazard so riders behind can fend for themselves. Same goes when you see a loose dog up the road or you spot a danger (like a pothole in a patch of shade) too late.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pablo at Jackson Park

Looking a little gassed?

Outta Hewe

I will be twaveling & out of youwr hare for a few days. (Get it - Hare).

Anyway Fwankie will pwobably gwace you with photos from his archives.

Wide on!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Team Kit Shakeout Ride

Well, the first ride for the WGaS Team Kit starts off with a flat.

WGaS First Team Kit Ride

But we eventually got up and riding.

WGaS Team Kit First Ride

The kit looks good, even close up.

WGaS Team Kit First Ride

Click on the photos to see larger images.

Nice ride today. Great job to BT for getting this done quickly.

We look good, don't we?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tuesday WILL BE the first Official WGaS ride-we will look kick ass in our new Club Kits

Ride on Monday?

Anyone up for a ride on Monday - after all the rain, it will be nice to get back on our bikes. Who is up for an easy spin?

For those of you who have not seen the team kits - they look great (imho). When is the first team ride - Tuesday???

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Making Weight Part 2

This guy, according to his stats, is an inch shorter than me and 30 pounds lighter.

I bet I can kick his ass in an arm wrestle.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Making Weight

So. You think you have to drop some weight. How much would it take to drop a jersey size or let you climb that hill a little faster? Will that be enough to satisfy you? When you get discouraged because that last two pounds won't come off, keep in mind that this guy dropped 300 pounds. In three years.

Man. That's two of me.

If the rain stops, I'll see you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Utica 4 Man Team Time Trial

It was a wonderful day of suffering and fun for some WGAS members at the Utica 60K Team Time Trial....aka the "World Championship". Everyone was geeked out with Aero helmets, TT bars, Disc wheels, and skinsuits. The course was shortened to 45k. The wind picked up and there were some impressive pulls from WGAS.

War stories and plans for the next ride / race were discussed over beers, burgers, and brats at "Shakers Bar and Grill". And, No, "Shakers" is not a strip bar.

Ride on,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Ride

Great ride today. I got 60 miles at a 20.5 average (which is probably more like 19.5 considering my computer is a little off). Stopping for coffee, the Wobbley Wocket's Wife pulled up for a birthday lap:
Happy Birthday

Friday, September 5, 2008

Saturday Ride

Looks like part of the ride is meeting here at 7:15:

View Larger Map

Assuming the ride proceeds the usual way north, those of us from the north will meet somewhere along Sheridan road or at Plaza del Lago.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

cycling language

I thought you might enjoy this.....ya ya or YO YO!


How to translate cycling's confusing language

Cyclists are the biggest sandbags and secret trainers around – They'll say anything to soften you up for the kill. Don't let this happen to you. Study this handy rider's phrasebook to find out what they really mean when they say:

"I'm out of shape"
Translation: I ride 400 miles a week and haven't missed a day since the Ford Administration. I replace my 11 tooth cog more often that you wash your shorts. My body fat percentage is lower than your mortgage rate.

"I'm not into competition. I'm just riding to stay in shape"
Translation: I will attack until you collapse in the gutter, babbling and whimpering. I will win the line sprint if I have to force you into on-coming traffic. I will crest this hill first if I have to grab your seat post and spray energy drink into your eyes.

"I'm on my beater bike"
Translation: I had this baby custom made in Tuscany using Titanium blessed by the Pope. I took it to a wind tunnel and it disappeared. It weighs less than a breath and cost more than a divorce.

"It's not that hilly"
Translation: This climb last longer than a presidential campaign. Be careful on the steep sections or you'll fall over – backward. You have 39x23 low gear? Here's the name of my knee surgeon.

"You're doing great"
Translation: Yo, lardo, I'd like to get home before midnight. This is what you get for spending the winter watching TV and eating chocolate.

"This is a no-drop ride"
Translation: I'll need an article of your clothing for the search and rescue dogs.

"It's not that far"
Translation: Bring your passport.

Ride on,
LT Jon Sanchez