Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

WGaS Couples Nite

Margaret and Pablo deserve tremendous kudos for taking on the challenge of coordinating and hosting the evening-----
All who were present can attest to the fact that the evening was an overwhelming success----
The food and drinks were amazing, the conversation stimulating and it was great meeting the significant others who joined us--------

Friday, July 24, 2009

When in the Presence........

from the WGaS Bylaws:
000.001-Rider conduct when spouses, significant others, children or other relatives or friends of the aforementioned are present:
(a)Conversation regarding any of the following: cost of, current ownership of, purchases of, future ownership of , potential ownership of, interest in ownership of , lusting for possession of: bikes, bike-related equipment, bike accessories or other such items shall not be discussed in any manner or fashion in the presence of any of the above for any reason
(b) Statements of any kind which could be perceived to praise the spouse or significant other while disparaging the WGaS member is forbidden- examples would be: "How have you put up with him for so many years" or "I can't believe you let him ride so often".
WGaS members violating this prohibition shall be relegated, sanctioned and disciplined in accordance with the opinion of a Board of Inquiry comprised of no less than one (1) WGaS member

Monday, July 20, 2009

iPhone Apps for Cyclists

Via Cyclelicious, here is a link to 5 apps for your iPhone (some work with iPod Touch) that replace various cycling add-ons.

2009 Evanston Grand Prix-Masters 40+

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Article from BKW

Good Article on how much time cycling takes up and why we do it ...

Lemon-ade Law

from the WGaS Bylaws

539.000-Lemon-ade Law

The peloton shall without fail stop at any and all curbside lemonade stands manned by children and purchase lemonade in ample amounts to produce oohs and aahs from the operator(s) of the stand.

When a lemonade stand is observed there shall be a sharp and loud announcement of the stands sighting and then the group shall slow down in a safe and orderly fashion and proceed to the stand for purchase of the drinks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Newest Members of the Peloton?

Just wanted to share some video of the some potential new riders to the 'ton.


Pablo & sons

Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest and Uninvited Riders

FYI: from the WGaS Bylaws:

410.000-non WGaS riders who join into the paceline

410.001- guest riders invited by a member-are the responsibility of the WGaS rider who invites said guest
1) guest riders shall be relegated to the back of the paceline and not rotate through until they have been determined to be able to safely do so;
2) in the event a guest rider is "dropped" during the ride it is the responsibility of the WGaS rider who invited the guest to go back for him/her and bring him/her back up-if so desired;
3)in the event a guest rider is deemed unsafe for any reason that determination shall be presented to the WGaS rider who invited the guest and that shall be relayed to the guest and the guest will not be welcome to ride with the group-this is a unilateral decision and there are no appeal rights and the decision is binding and final unless three (3) WGaS Board Members step forward and speak on that former guest's behalf after a reasonable period of expulsion has passed

410.002-non-invited riders who join the group without an invitation by a WGaS rider shall be informed that they must ride as the last rider in the paceline and are not to rotate through until the group has determined that the rider is capable of safely doing so. If said rider is deemed to be unsafe or for other reasons unwanted in the group he shall be promptly told in an appropriate manner that the group does not welcome his/her presence and to fall off the back and not rejoin the paceline.

Weekend Spectacular

I must say that Saturday's ride and Starbucks interlude, in my humble opinion, rate up at the top for our group---
The pace was jizzy fast-yet safe-the group was large enough to allow for breathers when off of the front-except on our guest rider Tyler's 33mph+ pull out of HP toward Everett where no one caught a breath-and the jovial coffee time was a blast
Hopefully, we'll have many more similar rides this season and beyond

Improve Your Sprint

If you hear me cursing as we sprint to the top of "the russian", it is because I just learned that using profanity allows the swearer to tolerate pain better.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Fast Tuesday

Yesterday was another fast Tuesday ride. In fact, by the time we hit the Fort, my cyclometer showed the fastest average speed I have ever recorded for a weekday ride, 22 MPH. At the roundabout, there was some confusion and we reduced speed to regroup on the way to coffee. Even with this, I still showed an average of nearly 21.5 MPH at coffee.

It was great to have such a large group out and all in our "team" kits. I would have taken a picture or two, but I was drafting for dear life and fumbling with a camera didn't seem like a good idea. BT wants me to get a helmet cam, but I just know that without being able to see the display, I would wind up with plenty of pictures of the road and the sky. I have been thinking of rigging a mount for the camera on the handlebars, but the lovely rutted roads we ride on would probably destroy that too. For now, it seems like I'm gonna have to stick with hand held shots like this one from last Friday.

Morning Ride