Friday, October 31, 2008

For the record, I DID NOT sing-too busy applying ice and whining over my latest self-inflicted cycling related injury


Happy Birthday to Steve G

We had a great Birthday ride for Steve's 40th birthday. Eric is way too nice - he brought candles and bought a blueberry muffin for Steve - we (AB, BT, Eric, Bob G, Michael J and even Fast Freddy in street clothes) sang Happy Birthday to him - you should have seen him cry like a baby!!!!

Happy Birthday Steve!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

admittedly i have woosed out for the tues & wed WGaS morning rides this week-and i give looney credits for those who braved the chill to ride in the cold dark abyss of the mornings-nonetheless, that being said:

tomorrow-Thursday-looks to be a offering up a nice upper 50's day and an opportunity for an afternoon 'cross ride-therefore, i am planning to be at the trailhead at Daniel Wright Woods-parking lot just south of St Mary's Road & Everett-at about 3:00-3:15PM-sunset is 5:45 -so i'd like to be on the trail by 3:30 at the latest and thus be able to get in just over 2 hours of ride time

let me know if i should look for any companions-btw mountain bikes are ok


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Pondering Thoughts of Beauty and Depth

Back from vacation after pondering the deep meaning of life and how great I look in a WGaS hat. See y'all tomorrow.
Glad to hear you enjoyed-perhaps manana


It was a bit Chilly this AM!

Fast Freddy, 1 Adam 12, AB, Corey and I braved the elements this am - where was the Southern contingent????

Frank joined FF and I for a quick conversation at SB as he ripped up the CX trails with GTE.

Who is in for Wednesday am - it will be chilly again - so dress warm.


Monday, October 27, 2008

There was some nice riding this weekend-a DPR cyclocross on Saturday and windy road ride on Sunday---it is looking ominous for the week--but let's not be pussies and retreat to our trainers just yet-neither wind nor cold shall keep the 'ton from its appointed rides-30F in the morning-so have a nice ride


Friday, October 24, 2008

Sat CX ride Options

I am riding from Old School Forest Preserve at 8:00 most likely up to Gurnee and back - easy spin with other Colavita riders - any one care to join me see you at Old School parking lot - first one on the left (before you get to the sled hill) at 8:00.

Extracted from the Killjoy Blog after last Sunday's CX race at Carpenter Park where our friend Wayne as well as Ben Popper and others were shanked by some guy:

One of the things I enjoy about Cyclocross besides the racing is meeting new people and seeing them week in and week out. Everyone has different abilities goals and backgrounds, but the vibe is always great because of the attitudes people have. Everyone wants to be competitive in their own right and do what they can to win a race. Often times, you will find them cheering for others when they're not racing, hanging out with freinds at the venue.
Every race start is eventful, bad lines are taken, someone hits brakes too hard, gravel and mud, riders intersect trying to get up front and stay out of chaos. No one really likes when things go wrong and we all try to avoid it. We just want to race bikes. Others tend to develop a reputation for taking on this kind of approach as some type of strategy. It could be lack of confidence in their ability or most obviously, just a lack of respect for other people in general.
I wonder, what do you call someone who at the start of the race,T bones 2 racers at the line taking them out? I wonder what do you call someone who rides for 2 laps, then like a pussy rides off the course ready to DNF? Then momentarily, thinking that he is a pussy and might want to finish a race, to then jump on the race leader's wheel (after already being lapped) and suck his draft for no apparent outcome in the race. Then, when the race leader asks him not to do so to avoid any crash that could cost him a win, crashes into the race leader and rides over his rear wheel flattening his tire so he has to come in and pit his bike? But it does not stop there. He has the balls to make a complaint with the race judge that, the race leader cursed obscenities as a result of the incident?
Some people in that race may call him a pussy, an asshole or just arrogant. Others just wanted to have a word with him to help him understand some respect since it may help him but more importantly it helps the other people that would end up dealing with him down the road. He left in a hurry. I guess there seemed to be a few people looking for him so it was probably best. The only thing he did leave behind was his impression on other people and everyone knows his name.
Despite coming in 2nd and the scolding he took from the race official for "obscene language" directed to a lapped rider, he still had a smile on his face afterwards because he rode his ass off. He grabbed a bullhorn and cheered on Cat 4 racers with the most enthusiasm you could imagine. Even when he travels across the country, everyone knows what kind of racer and person he is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wow-political/economic satire on a cycling blog where the philosophy is WGaS-hmmmmm

Monday, October 20, 2008

From My Email Inbox

Lehman Bank employees stage a protest by blockading the entrance to the bank's headquarters ...

As you can see, the public is sympathetic to their cause ...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Paul, racing cyclocross in Carpentersville:

Carpenter Park Cross Race 4b

Me riding the sand pit:

Carpenter Park Cross Race 4a

More photos here.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Ride

On the bunny trail heading home:

Saturday Club Ride

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh BTW-yes I did partake in the 3:10 tour of the Kettle

There is no photographic evidence available-nevertheless Wayne and Chippo did the 3 hr 10 minute tour of "the Kettle"
This was 24+ miles of beautiful, excruciating, challenging, exciting, dangerous riding. Logs, hills, rocks, boulders, ledges, 20+% climbs, rapid boulder/rock strewn descents, hairpin turms both ascending and descending on narrow trails. As expected Wayne's abilities and knowledge clearly allowed his tour leader/guide role provide a reasonably safe ride. I highly recommend the adventure for those who are challenged by such a ride, but not intimidated by the very nature of the challenges.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Hawthorne Cross Race

Some photos from Sundays race.

BT right before the Masters race:

Hawthorn Woods Cyclocross Race

Steve during the race. If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Me during the 4a race:

Hawthorn Woods Cyclocross Race

Me after the 4a race:

Hawthorn Woods Cyclocross Race

Friday, October 10, 2008


Don't nobody post no more?

I know, who cares?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coffee Break

Who wants coffee?

Who Wants Coffee?